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Jamie is a good kid, but if he’s not ‘into’ a subject his attention can wander. It wasn’t a big issue until he got to secondary school. Now we worry his grades are beginning to slip and he’s falling behind in maths - where he doesn't get on with his teacher. We wanted to make sure he’s getting enough help with his maths coursework, and needed help now. We didn't have a massive budget so online tutoring was the obvious solution.

Karen from Manchester

Education is important and if you want to do well, you have to work hard. Our children need to do well at school so they will go to the very best university. We’re hoping our daughter will go to Cambridge or Oxford to study medicine. We understand that she’ll need the best grades to get there. Although money is less of an issue than the quality of the tuition – we do like the fact we can see the rates for each tutor and we pay as we go. We feel confident our daughter is getting the best at Tutorhub.

Sanjay from Leeds

I work in a high stress, late hours culture and I’m not always around to answer questions or check homework. Emma’s last report worried me. She’s beginning to fall behind and I know she needs some extra help with her schoolwork. With the best will in the world, I don’t always have the time. I need a service I can trust - easy and convenient to manage and the pay as you go pricing approach is excellent. Tutorhub gives me peace of mind.

Elizabeth from Rickmansworth

Our kids are both home schooled. Amy was really unhappy at school and after a couple of months banging our heads against a brick wall trying to get some extra help we decided to school our children at home. They need to be confident in a range of subjects and we feel we can’t fully cover maths and science so we needed help in these areas. You don’t get any financial support when you choose to home school so we needed a flexible service that represented really good value for money. Tutorhub works well for us, it’s great to know that we can stick to our guns and get the support you need.

Claire from Sheffield

I’m a Business Studies student and I really need to get a good degree! Although I’m doing pretty well in most of my subjects, I struggle with statistics. I needed help in a specialised area – SPSS. I chose Tutorhub because they don’t just cover A level subjects, they have tutors who can give support in specialist subjects and are experienced in tutoring at degree level. I haven’t got pots of cash, so I need to know that the help I get is right. If I only have a quickie question I can get a quick answer free from the community too. Which is really great!

Kamil from Greenwich

I am living overseas and come here to study. I speak English but I am not fluent yet and sometimes I find it difficult to keep up. I really need extra help in the holidays. I like Tutorhub as the tutors are all in the UK and they are patient and helpful. They don’t mind if I am a little slow and they make it easier for me to go over my work to understand it. I feel like I am doing better in my classes now and if I don’t understand something I can ask my Tutorhub tutor and we can have a lesson.

Alexander from Moscow
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