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Here we need to isolate the x variable. 

This can be done by subtracting 5 from both sides of the equation. By this means, we get the right answer:

x = 9.

Very simple Becca-

Just try to isolate 'x'

So we subract '5' from both the sides -

5+x -5   =   14  -5       

x = 9

Always try to isolate the variable. This can be done by adding or subtacting something on both the sides. 

Here the variable was x and we subtracted 5 from both the sides.

I hope ur question is clarified now. To learn more amazing concepts like these, join me in a session. Have a great day ahead. Thank you



This problem is pretty simple. This is Basic Algebra.

Initially, we have,


We need to solve to find 'x'.

We can here, subtract both sides by 5.



Therefore, x=9


Thank You.





now we will move number 5 to right hand side. 

x= 14-5


This is our final answer

You use the balance method, which means that you have to subtract 5 from both sides of the equation (remember, you try to isolate x) which gives you 14-5, hence x=9.

x = 14 - 5

    = 9 

This is done as follows;

1. Rearrange the equation so that (x) is on one side by itself  ( x=14-5)

Kindly note that when you take a positive value across an equal sign (=) it becomes negative and vice versa

Therefore, X = 9

so, 5+9=14

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