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Thanks Mukesh, caoimhe and Lucy for giving suggestions.

Caoimhe , ya my exam was well. The most difficult part of the paper for me was chemical conversions like aniline to benzene, etc. 

Hi Aiesha, I'm sorry I've only just seen your question on here but I'm sure you did fantastically on your exam!

We've all been there with exam stress and last minute revision is a big contributor to that. That being said it is very helpful, if done correctly. For me it is important to balance your reading in a proportional way, but never forget any bits.

If your strengths lie in Physical Chemistry, then you can potentially leave that revision until later as you will be less stressed about the subject, and therefore will take more in. If you're struggling with Organic Chemistry, then prioritise it! It's okay to focus on one topic for longer, even if it doesn't come up in the exam then you've broadened your knowledge base for next time. 

Hope it went well and if you've ever got any specific Chemistry questions (or any other exams) then feel free to visit my page and ask.

Kind regards,

For me, I would go through past paper questions. I would then go through the chapters and match up these to the questions. I would then answer some questions and get practising, as they always say, practice makes perfect.

Thanks shlesha v.

Go through a good number of past questions. Notice some of the most important details they consistently ask for.  Make one to maximum two-page summaries for each of the chapters and also highlight some of the requirements of past papers for these topics. 

Good Luck!  

Thanks Mr. M cover

Aiesha I cant remember chemical conversion very freely however I hope the January exams are going well and remember that if time is a factor secure as many 1,2,3,4 pt answers as possible so you do not lose time stuck, then in attempt of more points elaborate or methodologise clearly and consicely, with a definite final answer. That will encourage the assesor to consider that you have a strong general awareness and that the extra attempts at marks included additionall will be suitably assesed. Potentially making as much difference as a whole grade.

M Cover.

Go through past exam papers

Mr M Cover

Thanks for your reply. But I want to ask that how to remember chemical conversion.


I can tell you Aiesha that whats possible if you only have a short time is to focus on the most important, popular, and common elements of study in each chapter. 

You should ensure that you have all key fomulae, facts, methods, and examples to hand. Also as you say as time is short so its after that (which so far will secure at least a standard / C pass) you can push at aiming for high scores on questions you can certainly return to when you will have assigned your time to part significantly answering across all chapters as is most important.

Mr M Cover

StAmb CMS UofGRNWCH, Regional Tutor Key Skills for SE & Cambs.

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