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The specifications do not have major changes. If you study the current specification with a tutor with high expectations chances are you will learn that little bit extra and cover any possible criteria that could possibly change. 

Such as in Unit 1 of AQA Spec for 2017 starting a business only covers ownership (legal status) of some trader, partnership and private limited companies. Tutors could cover public limited companies and non-profit businesses just in case this area would change

Hi Duchess, if you're interested in receiving tutoring with the new specification, I am available to assist. 

Thanks Char U!

The exams in 2018 will still be on the old specification, so you will need to work to that. The only risk is, if you end up taking longer than planned you will have to switch over to the new spec - though to be fair, they will probably cover a lot of the same ground.

The current spec, with last exams in 2018, is here:

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