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Hi moni,

I am sure you have had the necessary help by now but if not please contact me - I have been a psychology tutor for 2 years, covering from school to MSc level. I am trained in proof-reading and am particularly skilled in essay writing.

Kind regards,


Would you prefer tomorrow or Saturday?

Great! I look forward to it:)

yes , i shall , i believe all technical issues have been ironed out , will be in contact shortly to re schedule .

When you come back on would you be able to send me an example of one of your pieces that got 4 or 5 marks?

I am sorry it did not work as it should this evening. I will try and find out why tomorrow and get back to you again.

Have a good evening.



Looking at AO3 which is not out of reach you would need to consider whether YOU think a particular explanation is right or what might be wrong with it. Could there be a different way of doing or explaining the concept of memory? Did you try memory pegging or writing as you say something out loud? 

It did not feel right trying to do  a lesson in those conditions. I haven't been able to get hold of customer support as they have gone to bed.

As I was trying to say, having introduced the concept of LOP and put a name to it. That is AO1. Evaluation is to describe the Craik & Tulvig findings, then your next sentence would be ....


Are you around?

Happy to help evening or daytime, weekends or not:)

All psychological essays have similar requirements.

1. Check the marks awarded for each question. This tells you how much time you should spend answering the question.  1minute = 1 mark

2. Think in terms of Beginning - Middle - End.

  • The beginning might one line or a paragraph depending on the length of answer required. You should Say what you are going to write about.

  • The Middle - write it!

  • The End - summarise what you have said. One line or a paragraph as required.

Do not assume that the examiner is going to know what you are talking about. This was the hardest concept to get through to my students. Surely I amgoing to get an examiner who knows psychology - yes, but they need to know that YOU know what you're talking about.

Example: Holmes & Rahe did some investigatigating about how stressful life event were and developed a scale to provide of measurement.

Would be better as: Holmes and Rahe(1967) developed the Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS) to measure the effect of life changing events. For example, the death of a spouse and compared to getting married.

Always give an example where possible from psychological research and always use psychological terminology - correctly, of course.

At the end of the day the examiner needs to be able to sit back and feel that you know what you are talking about and have understood the question correctly.


would you be able to explain techniques to use regarding essays with tips etc...

Can we arrange something for this weekend ?



I have a degree in Psychology as well as a degree in English and would be happy to help. 

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