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Question Assignment Help Please

Your boss at Innovations R Us, Rita Webb, has agreed to equip a selected work team with SMART devices. Instructions: 1. Rita asks you to prepare a report for the Purchasing Committee that will analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each type of device for the staff team to use. Relevant factors could be:  Specific features/advantages at least 2 devices relevant for a specific work team  Purchase price/budget considerations  Ongoing costs/future proofing  Information technology trends for business use  Need for staff training  Operability with existing operating systems/technology platforms e.g. Windows, iOS or Android  Other relevant issues such as types of software to be run 2. Innovations R Us is an authorised reseller of IT equipment. As the report author, you are free to make any realistic assumptions about this NZ based company and its operations. However the information presented about the appropriate technology, must be from actual acknowledged sources. E.g. online publications and web sites of similar businesses. 3. The report will need to come to some valid conclusions and make recommendations based on your investigation. 4. The report must be structured according to an acceptable format such as found at: http://www.monash.edu...ogy/report/1.3.3.xml and will include:  Cover page  Table of contents  Introduction  Relevant sections/subsections  Conclusions  Recommendations  Reference list/bibliography  Appendices (where relevant) 5. References must be formatted using APA (MS Word APA acceptable)

tima2016 in Applied ICT over 3 years ago

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Question,  are you looking for a starting point or are you looking for leads to research for this report,   having read the assignment synopsis I think you need to weed out the key points: operating systems, devices etc. and making them your starting point.  Then consider the web search; look for similar business models in NZ primarily as this can often show up differences in the infrastructure of a country.

If you have a more specific area with which you need help then please let me know.

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