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heres a very fine answer to your question :

Golgi apparatus - Protein 'packaging plant' - A membrane structure found near nucleus - Composed of numerous layers forming a sac 

the Golgi apparatus 

The golgi apparatus is responsible for modifying and packaging lipids and proteins into vesicles ready for deployment to the outer membrane. 

Golgi Apparatus

Golgi body. One would need to describe structure as well as function.

golgi body

The Golgi (but not always). In some cases the ER and RER can export products. 

This would be the Golgi apparatus.

It exists in separate 'sacs' of membranes, known as cisternae, and can be easily identified in TEM micrographs as the structure that looks like it is a stack of pancakes. (Not particularly biological language, but there you go.) It's currently believed that each cisterna has a different function, but there is also the argument that each cisterna 'matures' and changes place in the Golgi - i.e. that it is a dynamic 'belt' of modification. Hope that solves it!


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