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Hi,i would love to help you in solving and making you understand concepts of circle.

Please message me

Hey I love to teach these topics and I know u will benefit a lot from me.Just msg.

I would be happy to help, I can provide hand written material if you need.

Hi, I'd be happy to explain a few questions and revise the theorems through a call. 

Hey there, if you're still struggling with Circle Theorems and Trigonometry and haven't found a tutor yet, I'd love to help! Message me if you're interested!

Hi, I would be glad to help you if you need any assistance. You also need to know the proof of some of the circle theorems and the trigonometric ratios of 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees (for the non calculator paper). 

Hello, what particularly are you struggling on to do with circle theorems? It is mostly just remembering those you need to know and figuring out in questions which one would be best to use. Trigonometry is all to do with SOHCAHTOA, and knowing what you've got and what you need. Put everything in the formula and you should find the answer.

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