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Advantages: convenient, approachable, broad-based, shrinks the world, makes communication efficient. Disadvantages: impersonal.

Hi there,

I am thinking this is a question that has been given to you.

Cyberspace is where communication takes place between people via network. This requires no physical meeting or connection, and is able to span around the world. The advantages of this form of connectivity is that families and friends separated by time and distance, can nurture bonds and relationships. As well as this, relationships can be created in this space, and in theory there should be a feeling of freedom to discover and find support that might not be accessible in the actual place of living. Mumsnet is an example of a positive community, which develops over time, whose membership has its own, recognised, shorthand, that connects many women who might otherwise feel isolated and unsupported. As families have become more fragmented and people are more scattered, this has been cited as an invaluable source of company and help by its users.

One of the disadvantages, however, is that in a world made smaller and more connected by cyberspace, loneliness is a greater problem for more people - particularly the young. There is a feeling of being left out or left behind, as it is perceived that others are more connected than they are. The parties and the drinks and the food they see instagrammed or the seemingly wonderful holidays and loving family photographs, can make ones own life seem dull or colourless. 

It would appear that the relationships one has in cyberspace is no substitute for the satisfactions of an actual physical presence in ones life.

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