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Start with a brief introduction setting out your opinion (are you for or against International adoption, or are both arguments relevant). You should aim to say three things.

  1. What you are going to write about.
  • The sources you will use to support your argument. A balanced argument should also mention sources contrary to your view. 
  • A brief statement of what you hope to demonstrate in your essay.

As you are writing keep in mind the words "This essay will argue that..."

A good introduction makes writing the rest of the essay easier, you are simply putting flesh on the skeleton of your introduction  by using the evidence provided by your sources.

Your conclusion should restate the introduction in brief pointing out where your argument/discussion stands in respect to other ideas about the same topic.  

Tom Hannon

-Domestic adoption should be the priority. The ability for couples to “shop” around the globe for the “perfect” child reduces the number of children being adopted domestically.

-International adoption leads to co modification of children. In both the adoptive parent’s eyes and the birth parents, the adoption could be more of a financial investment rather than a blessing.

-Internationally-adopted children lose all remnants of culture and identity. International adoption can often lead to a dislocation between the child and family as the child may not feel fully part of their adopted culture nor the culture they were born into.


-International adoption laws are looser than domestic requirements. Parents who want children don’t always fit the socio-economic requirements to adopt in their own country as Western adoption laws are difficult to pass.

-International adoption reduces the amount of unwanted children in institutional care. International adoption allows orphans often living in an under developed, unhygienic environment to live in a safe environment and developed society.

-International adoption increases the awareness of other cultures. International adoption allows the child and family to live with different cultures and creates a better understanding of other cultures.


i have for and against points made;

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