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Ohhh, i understand you. I can advice you great source where you can buy essay cheap and take good mark! Also professionals, who work there can help you with your dissertation.

hey! its quiet very easy. i can help you in choosing a good topic.


I would start by thinking of a subject you are interested in for example 



.School readiness 


(these are just a few examples)

 I would then delve into the subject deeper and make it more specific by narrowing it down. For example 'An exploration around the benefits of play in the EYFS'.  

Trust me I know doing a dissertation can be daunting! I'm currently doing a large social research dissertation in Education. So if you need any help feel free to contact me :) 

Good luck!  

HI there - if no one has offered to help you yet then I am able to.

Kind regards.

Hi . I am looking for a tutor to help with clinical mcq(Internal medicine-USMLE ) 

Hey i can help you. 

Hi I had completed my PGCE in 2016. I understand your struggle in deciding a topic for the coursework. I recommend you chose something you are interested in but also where lots of research is available. It's not ideal to be spending a long time looking for literature when you busy PGCE timetable.

Also once you find a topic, narrow it down to a particular area of interest to keep the essay focused. I will be happy to help you if you are interested.


I am a lecturer for the OU, and also a professional writer working with a couple of the leading research companies. I would be happy to help you and discuss the dissertation with you if you still needed help.

Hi tech212,

I recently completed my PGCE in the same subject, and so am familiar with the struggle of choosing a topic, and the difficulty of constructing and       producing the dissertation! If you would like some guidance, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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