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You can ask your own question or look at similar Biology questions.

Best way is to speak to your teacher, he/she will tell you not the  exact questions but kind of similar ones to give you an idea. 

Hi ann123,

I believe this is a coursework module and so you are being tested on your biological literacy and your ability to communicate that to a reader, using appropriate scientific language, via your report.

Exactly how you would prepare for this depends a little bit on how your centre (school/college) approaches this task.  Some places conduct an experiment and then students write a report on it, whilst others ask students to choose a topic.

In general however, a good place to start is to think about what the broad topics are that you have covered in your course to date and think about ways in which they link together across themes or techniques (e.g. conservation may be a theme).  You could think about what biological methods or processes are involved (e.g. conservation >> plants >> respiration) and the implications of this theme (e.g. it affects the environment, reproduction, ecosystems).

A mind map may help you to focus and organise the way in which the different topics you've learnt can fit together around different biological processes.

Remember that your text book may be a lot of help here (as it will be selected to match your exam board requirements).

It is hard to give you more specific advice without knowing a bit more about your individual situation, but I hope that helps point you in the right direction.

If you'd like a bit more help or discussion then feel free to get in touch for a lesson.



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