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With creative writing at any age they look for the sentence structures. But with primary school students as well its looking at the ideas they can get down. If it is a story, then the focus is to see how it develops. In any writing in primary schools, grammar and spelling is always being looked at.

Tutors can check creative writing by looking at grammar, sentence structures, and correct use of language.

Well, when tutors are to check the answers of primary students, they focus on the students' sentence writing accuracy and spelling very much.

The text would be written and then sent as an attachment for me to check over! I'd mark it, return it and then talk about in in the lesson.

Sometimes, it's simply the general idea of your idea.  It's true you might lose a couple marks becuase of your writing, but if your speaking is good,  you can ask your teachers if you could do the project orally.

I hope this helped

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