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Hi Kat, this might be a little late for you, but I would say this depends on the guidelines and needs of the teacher and what level you are at. I would try to be quite open whilst using many different descriptive words, perhaps use a thesaurus to extend your vocabulary. If you are looking more at creative writing perhaps find a theme and try to establish some inner meanings and questions for yourself as you go through. 

I would start by making a list of all of your hobbies and what you feel you as a person have got out of taking part in those hobbies and then structure the letter according to your strengths.

Hi Kat! Best thing is to keep your letter clear and concise, structuring sentences like this: 'I am interested in....'/'I am studying...'/'I enjoy...'. That way your English teacher can gain the information you wish to convey easily and quickly. I hope that is helpful. Good luck!

Hi Kat, great question! If you are writing a question to your English teacher about yourself you need to keep a " positive pitch". This means talking about yourself in positive terms in the first person and drawing attention to your strengths and good qualities. If you are highlighting areas of " weakness" you can refer to these of areas of personal development. Remember to demonstrate a growth mindset, focusing on where you want to grow. Hope this helps ! :) 

Has she/he given you any guidelines about the letter? Is it a formal/informal letter?

Depending on the guidelines, you could could have something along the lines of..


My name is _ and I am _ years old. I live in _ and live with_. I am aspiring to become a _ and in order to do this I am studying the following subjects at_ _. I have various hobbies which include.

You can also include anything relating to any interests you may have; hopes for the future, dislikes/likes and anything you might find a struggle or something you may feel confident in. Then finish the letter with something  along the lines of..

I hope that this letter has been an informative read for you and you have learned more about me.

Regards (or your own chosen way of signing off)


Hope this helps?

I'd say it depends on the purpose of your letter...is it for a piece of creative writing? If so, what level are you at?

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