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The phrase "a spot in retirement" can mean a physical place to spend your non-working years. In England, people who retire sometimes move to their dream place, often exchanging large family homes with smaller homes.  The phrase is a metaphor with the word "spot" which can be linked to a small physical place, often in a rural area, an idyllic place to spend well-earned free time. 

A spot in retirement is the place you would settle when you retire, a place that you will enjoy in your old age. A spot basically refers to a place.

So when you get to certain age (65 in the UK), you will be given the option to retire. This means that you'll essentially stop working until death. To be able to pay for this, you need something called a pension, imagine it as a big money bank. 

So 'ensuring ourselves a spot in retirement', means that you have enough money ready to retire. 

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