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Have you contacted your local zoo/ safari park/ conservation centre?  They may have projects ready to go and would appreciate your input.

For a dissertation you need to think about the main points for example this can be: who you are writing it for, why, how you are going to lay it out and being able to write in a balanced biased way always helps. For idea you can do as leonora said about the bee decline however; you can always do things like rare plants species, how conservation techniques affect a set species can affect them. Deers, bees and squirells are quite common dissertations to do. But always write on what your comfortable with. Choose a topic that isn't spoken of regulary but something to do with plant biodiversity will be of interest to the board as planting schemes are starting to become popular also

Building on the idea of red/grey squirrels, one productive avenue may be to take a survey-based approach to investigate how much people are prepared to pay for conservation. The red squirrel is one our our best-loved and most charismatic species and your prediction would be that people broadly be prepared to pay something to conserve them. You could then extrapolate and gauge the theoretical pool of money available for their conservation through donations in the UK. Using figures for current red squirrel conservation and comparing to other UK species you could make recommendations for how the money could be spent, cataloguing the financial efficiency of various intervention options.

Maybe something to do with red/grey squirrels and conserving the native population. Grey squirrels are less dominant than their red counterparts, and so their numbers are rapidly decreasing. You could visit nature reserves in your area (I'm in the UK and there's one nearby), particularly those specialising in the conservation of grey squirrels. There is plenty of research and background/history on this topic.

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