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I will consider getting a French PenPal and will go through a lot of past papers....we recently had a mock and I got a B but my target grade is an A/A*....I found some words hard but could vaguely get the message behind it....hopefully by doing past papers and reading some french articles and knowing my vocab it will help

Thank you for your help.

Similar advice, get reading as much as you can and just immerse yourself in it as fully as possible! make sure you know your topic-specific vocab

i'm afraid the most effective method i have used to revise reading for exams is to find french articles perhaps on the news or on online forums. try and get the gist of the text and highlight/underline important words/phrases/themes. Now find example questions from reading papers off the exam board you are using and appy these questions to the texts you have found try your hardest then get your teacher/ email them to me for correction. Also i suspect you hear it all the time but past papers are so important, work through as many as you can and keep redoing them until your getting 90% on each. I also think you may benifit from a french pen pal. you can simply google this and there are plenty. Basically throw yourself into the language as much as possible. Feel free to contact me for other tips/ assistance.

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