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What times are you free? I have extensive experience of tutoring this board

Sorry for the delay i have been busy with exams and have now completed my Biology unit 2. I have still got your names so if i need help with Biology Unit 3 I will contact one of you. Thank You so much for the reply's.]

Hi, I could help you with this. I'm currently studying for a degree in Biological Sciences with Biomedicine from Lancaster University, a top 10 university according to all of the major league tables. I attained an A at GCSE with the AQA exam board, so already have some knowledge of the course. I also obtained an A at A-level in Biology, and I am averaging a first in my degree so far.

I am also much cheaper than many of the tutors, at only £10 an hour.

I have biology aqa gcse and a level biology and therefore have a good knowledge of the sylibus. I am happy to tutor you.

I did biology aqa gcse and have biology a level so mln

Hi I am willing to tutor you as well

I would be glad to tutor. Perhaps you could identify some specific areas that you require focused revision/tutoring. If it's revision techniques that you need help with, I am able to advise and suggest different approaches.

You can contact tutors directly. Go to the 'Find a tutor' page. You can use the search bar to find the biology tutors, here is a shortcut https://tutorhub.co...tutors?query=Biology - you can look through their profiles and contact them via the website.

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