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Hi, I have to do a GCSE English equivalent test @ Canterbury Christchurch University. Is there anyone out there how knows what it entails and how to prepare me for this test? They don't use a specific examination board. 

Kind regards,

Hello dear,

I have cleared my GCSE English Equivalency test by the first time from star teachers.The best thing you can do is to do lots and lots of practise from past papers.Some of the past papers answers are available on you tube .First look into these ,how they answer the questions,then try it by your self.Always try to use strong vocabulary as it really matters a lot in your exams.

Also request the university to provide some past papers so you have got idea about exams.Try to attempt that question in exams that has more worth.Don't be nervous just practise and practise and hope for the best.hope this answer help you.If any thing you want to ask feel free to contact.good luck.



As there is usually no exam papers available for these types of tests, I cannot give you a definitive answer to this question.  However, as an 'equivalency' examination it is likely to cover similar content (to a similar standard) as the prescribed GCSE program.  As such I advise looking at sites such as 'BBC Bitesize' and perhaps purchasing a standard text to give you an idea...e.g. Collins New GCSE English.  Apart from this it may be worth searching out equivalency test course providers, although this is likely to cost you! Hope that I was of some help!


I have done some work with university GCSE equivalent tests before, including the ones Christ Church use in Canterbury. Ask them what you will be examined on; the office should be happy to help. Once you have this information, let me know and we could arrange a few tutoring sessions. I just have to know which syllabus they'd want you to follow (I've tutored for most).

I hope this helps,


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