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What area do you struggle most with? Reading the novels, understanding them, etc.

Hi Amam,

I'd be very happy to help you, and have a variety of tips to help you improve your grade! Here are some simple ones below to get you started:

1. Always answer the question! It's so easy to revise really hard in one area and then try and force the exam to suit something you feel particularly confident in, but this never works - much better to answer the question in front of you, rather than the one in your head!

2. Memorise key quotes. Find quotes in your texts that you can use for a variety of questions, and memorise them. Having these in your head will give you confidence and help you answer a variety of questions.

3. Say what you actually think, and justify it. If you don't think something works, or don't like a text - you can say that! As long as you justify it with evidence afterwards. If you're making an argument that you actually believe in, it'll always tend to be better.

4.  A balance of context and closer analysis. It's helpful to know the bigger picture behind a story, but make sure you also talk about the actual language used. All those buzz words like metaphors, alliteration, structure will earn you points and let the examiner know you are reading something properly!

5. Read the mark scheme. It might be boring, but it's always helpful to know exactly how you're being marked, so you can make sure you tick all those boxes that will boost your grade. You can find the mark scheme online on the exam board website, if it's not been given to you at school.

6. Don't panic. Take your time. Read back your answers. Don't make things up if you can't remember something. Examiners will see through it!

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