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I should also say, that as the others have said, tutors are online here but i treated this as a general question about all tutors, on this site or outside!

They can do, yes of course! Tutors will in general (well, I insist on this) for students that are perhaps U18, but certainly U16, for a parent/guardian to also be in the house during the tuition session. There is also usually a distance that tutors are willing to travel, but if you are able to pay for travelling expenses or just have a chat about your needs this is often negotiable so don't rule out getting in touch if you live far away from the tutors location! Session lengths vary, I usually say that about an hour is right. Hope that helps!  

Through tutorhub it is just online lessons. Although if you finatruggke with online lessons there are other websites with tutors that will go to your home. 

Normally no.

This is Jon from Tutorhub. Yes, we only provide online tutoring. To understand what we do and how we work check out https://tutorhub.com/pages/how_it_works

Tutors will, if you go through an agency local to you, in general come to your home yes for a face to face session, but on TutorHub, its online only I think :) 

We don't do home visits..I would be glad to help you online though

We don't do house visits as we could be living anywhere around the UK. But we teach online so it is as if we are there with you!

I am afraid not, it is only online one - to - one tutoring. However, if you select a tutor to have a lesson with, the hub provides an online classroom and whiteboard to ensure you get the support you need. Hope this helps. 

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