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I can help with English :)


I am an exam specialist and an educator. I would consider it a privilege to assist you in your learning. Do let me know if you wish to have online lessons.

Best wishes,



This may be a little late in response, but I'm able and happy to help with anything maths related, and also to help you organise your time and plan revision.

If you're already sorted, good luck with the courses!

Hi Esraatez, I hope everything has been going more smoothly for you at school now. I'm a new tutor who can help you with your maths homework and revision for tests any time you need. Just let me know!

I haven't done sociology, and media, but have done the others. I can help

The best thing is to relax and keep calm.

Hello esraatez, 

I hope you are having better luck a month later on your subjects. The key is to remain calm as Abigail mentioned. 

If you need help on your sciences I can help you with that. 

Good luck 


Hi Esraatez, 

Did you find a tutor to help you? If not, I am sure that I can help to get you on track. I am a teacher of 8 years - knowledgeable, creative, supportive. Please get in touch if you'd like to work together. 


I can help with English.  

Hi Esraatez,

I am an experienced English GCSE tutor currently teaching in London in a secondary school therefore I am up to speed with with the learning criteria stipulated in the GCSE area that you have requested my main focus is English so please feel free to write to me at your convinience if you wish to discuss tuition . Kind Regards 

Hi esraatez,

You may have already found someone, but in case you are still looking I tutor in Science.  I have experience working in schools and my first in a Chemistry Masters degree means that I can help you out with your exams and hopefully make the science make a lot more sense!

let me know if you would like to arrange some tutoring.



I am a very good study skills tutor with experience dealing with all kinds of people at almost every level. I have experience with the super stressed to the super lazy and even those with so called developmental disorders.

Let me know if I can be of any help,


Hi Esraatez, I know how it feels at this point when you start panicking! Its perfectly natural to feel that way so don't worry. I specialise in A-level Chemistry but I have tutored in Science at GCSE level. I have also ran a tuition centre (a couple of years ago now) and I love tutoring Mathematics too. I may only be able to help you out in a couple of subjects, but I can recommend some great English tutors to you if you like. 

I would definitely recommend speaking to your dad about online tuition so he can be involved in the process aswell. Tutorhub helps out loads of people and thankfully you are safe that us tutors are all vetted beforehand here! Good luck hunting for fantastic tutors :)

okayyyyy thank youuuuuu x

can i do it all tomorrow? sorry my dads not home yet.. the struggles of being underage are you free anytime?

of courseeee, but year 10 is the year that really matters but im kinda confused on how all this works like not the payment but how do we do it?

of courseeee, but year 10 is the year that really matters but im kinda confused on how all this works like not the payment but how do we do it?

okayy id like to try it out!

wait in what subjects?

yep! well ill take the exams next year but im prepearinng

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