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I am a psychology graduate and currently im pursuing postgraduate degree in psychology. I can help you. 

Hi, I need help in tutoring for Psychology A-level and I am on the OCR board. I also saw that you may have some knowledge of History A-level which I am on the Edexcel board for and I was just wondering if you could get back to me please about the tutoring

Thank you very much


Hi, I have an Oxford degree in Psychology and have 20 years tutoring experience. I am sure I could help you. My fee is only £20 per hour - which I think is very reasonable. Please contact me when you feel able to. Thanks. Jon Clark tutor


        I have an Oxford degree in Psychology plus 20 years tutoring experience so I think I could help you. Have a look at my profile and contact me please.

Thanks, Jonathan Clark

It can seem very challenging as a subject, I finished my degree with the Open University a couple of years ago and now tutor A level, I would take it step by step and I am very patient!!

Hi Timmy

Just wondering if you still require assistance? I am available if you wish to discover how to understand psychology better and how it can be made easier for you. Let me know what it is you find hard to study...

I have just finished my degree at oxford and spent time on personality traits, memory and stereotypes.  I am now working as a researcher.  Let me know what exam board you are working with and I will do my best to help.

Hi there.

We could arrange a brief lesson to have a look at some questions if you like. Jon

It's wonderful! How can I help? 

Do you still need help with this fantastic subject?

I agree that Psychology is hard. I have 20 years experience tutoring Psychology so I am sure I can help you, whatever exam board you are studying. Please contact me if you wish to have my help at all.


Hi Timmy, are you still doing GCSE Psychology and need help? I am currently studying Psychology at A-level, and can offer any tutoring if you are interested?

the central nervous system is made up of the brain and the spinal cord

seeing yuoure being all medical can you say more on the CNS

From a medical perspective, new memories are stored in the hippocampus. People who damage this part of the brain cannot make new memories. Personality traits are our unique mental fingerprints and are built up from our own unique experiences, the way we were nurtured and of course, the way we born. Normal personalities come in a whole range of different forms, some people are prone to being happy, some are quicker to anger etc. A 'normal' personality is one with sufficient flexibility to adapt to a range of situations without frequently exhibiting anti-social traits.

Psychology isn't an easy subject, but you'll be glad you did it. Understanding people is a useful skill to have. The other thing to remember is that in psychology, there are no definitive answers. In many cases, we don't know things for sure.

im studying everything at Gcse level such as personality trait, memory, sterotypes, anger agression, obedience etc

What is it you are struggling with? Can we help?

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