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You are given a limited budget, so the point here is you must think of the most cost efficient way to buy your replacement hardware.

Try to find the cheapest stuffs is not totally correct, you want to choose the best hardware possible with the limited budget you have so you have to look up the Price List. And pay attention to the hardware spec to see if they are good match together and fit your need, either if you only need to work with Office, or use your computer to edit photo and videos.

Hi Debeneze,

If you read that wikipedia article you should find lots of examples of the types of hardware additions or replacements you could buy.

It would be a good idea to think about in what way you want to improve the computer - e.g. if you want to improve the visuals, then look up what hardware would help to do that. And then finally think about the cost - what is the most cost effective way to improve your computer?

Hope that helps.  Also, remember that with Tutorhub you only pay for the tutoring you need - so if you needed some more detailed help with this or another problem, you can always top-up your account and have a 15 minutes session with a tutor (me or any other).

Best of luck!


Thank you so much, could you give me some examples just so that i know what im doing is right  xx

Hi Debeneze,

The question is asking you to choose one or more items of hardware to add to a computer to improve how it works.  So to make it faster or to help you see what you're working on more clearly etc. 

To answer the question you need to understand what computer hardware is.


When you are thinking about why to buy something, think about what you prioritise when you are using a computer.  So, will it make it faster, more efficient, increase processing power etc.

If you read about what hardware is and how it works, you will be able to identify which hardware you would want to add more of or replace and then you need to give the reasons why you have chosen them.

Consider the number of marks for the question when working out how many items you should be identifying and how detailed your answer needs to be.

Hope that helps!

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