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Hi Habeebah

My name is Giselle. I can tutor you for A level Sociology.

An excellent way to raise your grade from a B to an A is to work through past exam papers. Try to write your answers in the style of an essay; and practise past exam papers.

Once you have written your answer in the style of an essay using the PEEL technique P point E example  E Explanation L Link; use the mark scheme to see what examiners are looking for.

It is also important to read the mark scheme as it highlights the difference between a B and an A.

Also look at the number of marks allocated.

For example:

A 12 mark question = 1-2 pages of detail in a structured essay using PEEL

A  16 mark question = 2 - 3 pages of detail in a structured essay using PEEL.

Once you have written your answer look at the mark scheme to see where you can gain points. The more past papers you write the easier it is to learn how to write an A grade essay.

Gradually, (as long as you are honest with yourself) you will be able to mark your own assignments against the mark scheme and see whether they are C, B, or A. The more past paper you write (which can be downloaded from the internet); the better you will become at writing that A grade assignment or exam.


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