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I can help

its simple :) we want to find the values of the unknown variables: in this case it is w..so we need to find a way to get w on its own..


1. Expand

2. Group like terms (w)

3. Solve

(w^2-5w)-w-22 = w^2+5w-5w-25 = w^2-25

w^2-6w-22 = w^2 - 25

-6w-22 = -25      

-6w = -25+22

-6w = -3

w = 0.5


> w^2 -5w-w-22= w^2 - 25

> 6w=25-22=3; ( w^2 will be cancel from both side)

> w=3/6=0.5

(w2-5w)-w-22 = w2+5w-5w-25 = w2-25

w2-6w-22 = w2 - 25

-6w-22 = -25      

-6w = -25+22

-6w = -3

w = 3/6 or .5

W^2 -5w-w-22= w^2-25


w=0.5 0r 1/2

we have to open brackets first

w^2-5w-w-22 = w^2-25

similar terms get cancelled

-6w= -3


w= 3/6=1/2



you will have to expand the brackets first, then take all the Ws to one side and then solve for w

First thing you need to do is expand the brackets. Thus


Subtract w^2 from both sides. This gives you

-6w-22=-25 Add 22 on both sides

-6w=-3 Divide both sides by -6 (always divide with the coefficient of yhe variable -the number in front of the letter-)


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