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thank you for your help. I got an A* for the poster :)

You could also find out the amino acid sequence of the two genes and point out the difference on the poster - it is only one amino acid different.

Hi there! Why not include a map of the world with all the regions most affected by the disease (such as Northern Africa) shown in colour. Include a microscopic slide of sickled red blood cells as opposed to normal ones.

Think about the key facts that you would consider most important - five is enough for a poster. Have you access to some clear images that illustrate the condition - an image of the mutated shape of the cell perhaps? What points do you most wish to convey? Causes, symptoms or implications? Any attention grabbing statistics you could include? Sketch ideas on scrap paper and then design your poster. Think about font size, style and colour. Will it will read top to bottom or more like a spider diagram radiating out from the centre? Enjoy this assignment!

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