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Hi, i will send you a revision support booklet to help you. IGCSE goes into more detail than AQA and OCR exam boards, there are several topics that have a greater overlap with A-level compared with the other two examination boards. Make sure that you download and complete past paper questions. use the mark schemes as a basis for making revision notes from, as they are concise. Hope this helps Karrie

Well first of all you need to know that the key to Biology is very simply to properly understand it and relate it to your everyday life. Never hesitate to ask to search for answers to your questions. Also spend more time solving than studying, that will help you memorize way easier. If you need any extra help I'm available, I am currently a fifth year medical student and I studied Biology OL and AL in IGCSE and scored A*. I hope this was helpful and good luck :) 

Hey there Habiba, Just list the topics you are unsure of and we will cover it!!

Hello! Let me do it. Feel free to ask anything. Thank you!

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