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Firstly,before anything else,it is better you understand what informal letter is.It is the kind of letter you write to families and friends.It is otherwise known as a casual letter which means one has to be every aspect(language,tone,words,nicknames,etc).It starts with just one address unlike a formal letter.The address is where you(the writer) lives and then your date which ends with a full stop and should be on the right corner on the top of your sheet or paper. The next thing is salutation e.g dear mum/mum,dear dad/dad(some prefer to go for dearest since they feel it shows how casual they are with the receiver or how close).This fillers with a comma.It is written on the left side of the letter immediately after the date.Now,your introduction.This is mostly filled with greetings and explanations,confirmation on the previous letter either sent or received.The next thing is the body of the letter.This either talks on what has been discussed in the previous letters exchanged or more new gist or questions concerning a topic you don't understand or just the reason why you've written the letter.You can divide the body into paragraphs since the body of casual letters are much more longer than formal which goes straight to the point so as to make your letter understandable and interesting to read and even easy too.Your last paragraph is your conclusion-it can either be a see you soon information,hoping to hear from you soon,regards to those at home(it makes it seem like you have been focusing on what you wrote the letter for but not that you have forgotten those people too),more gist to spice it up a bit that you forgot to mention but in a summary so you can write on that in your next letter, and so on.Then,the 'Yours sincerely'(or your dearest...,your sugar,your pumpkin,any free word just to show how close and loving;yes,your lovely... is also allowed.It should be written on the right hand side of the letter which will be followed by your name(nickname) e.g Your boy,Sammie(Sammie will be under Your boy).And there,you have your informal letter.I hope it helps.

an informal letter is a letter you write to people close to you. Firstly you start with writing your address on the right hand side of the page. This address also contains the date. Writing an informal letter is quite easier than a formal letter. Informal letter is more flexible and you write like you are chatting with the receiver. Tips; Do not use abbreviations. Do not keep repeating the same thing using different sentences. Watch out for your punctuation marks. Be careful of what slang you  

It depends, is it via email or traditional post? In any case, an informal letter is free in form and style. It is usually written in the way you would talk to a friend. If it's semi-informal (casual but not to a friend), best to start with "Dear _____," and end it with 

"Best wishes, _____"

Hi there. These types of letters are usually described as casual or chatty because you are writing to someone you know, so feel free to use the odd exclamation mark and ask questions. Abbreviations - I'm, we're etc - might be useful too, although it is a letter so you don't really want to write in the same way you might text, for example. 

Most of all, it usually sounds as if you are talking or catching up with a friend so the tone should be warm and personal, if that makes sense. You could also create an imaginary conversation based on an imaginary letter the friend sent you first - e.g thanks for letting me know about x, y, z etc. 

Hope that helps.

In writing an informal letter the author starts by writing the date of the letter when the author is writing the letter.  The next step is the address who the letter is going to followed by the greeting then the body of the letter with what information the author wants to share.  That is followed by the closing, for example Sincerely and that is followed by the author's name.

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