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A dissertation based on cyberstalking is very cool! I would like to read it!

Yes I can  help you  out with the statistical part of your research. You can checkout my profile here and can get in touch with me.

 I could help you by reading over your work and provide different perspectives. Karen :-)

Hi Beccah,

That's definitely something I could help you with. Do you have any preferred times?


Hiya, I would be happy to help, I have a 1st in Psychology (and 1st's in my dissertation and research methods models) and am currently doing a Psychology Masters so I am well versed in the joys of SPSS. Get in touch, Emma Thrussell

Hi, I have an Oxford degree in Psychology and 20 years experience as a tutor including doing a lot of dissertations with students so I think I can help . Thanks. Jon Clark

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