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Hello, I would be very happy to assist you on the English subject. Feel free to contact me. Edna

giving tution on skype any students GCE O-LEVELS any subjects maths,physics,business interested please contact me skype:rashid2401 or mallickrashid@live.com

You will probably need at least two different people, if not three. Most tutors don't cover maths and english. I am available for maths, physics and chemisty - possibly biology depending on what your problems are.

I am at the end of my GCSE studies now and took Triple Science (3 full GCSE's), english (working at an A*) and maths (working at an A). Please contact me and I would be more than happy to help you.

Hello - I'd be happy to help - probably on the English side, but let me know your needs and we can talk it through.

Can you be more specific about the focus of your tutoring needs? Then it may be possible to support you.

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