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Sarah could provide good working conditions (a happy work environment) or pay them a good salary/wage

Sarah could offer her workers a bonus depending on the quality of the work they do. She could also allow people more choice of working hours so they fell happier in and more supported in the company. This could then motivate the workers to work harder as they feel they have a stake in the company.

Give the incentives, such as bonuses for more shirts produced every hour?

Two typical ways in which a business can motivate workers and increase productivity:

1. Offering monetary incentives:

Offering Incentives basically means giving the workers more of a reason to work hard. Incentives may be strictly monetary (pay rises, commissions and bonuses)

2. Non-monetary incentives 

These may come in the form of healthcare/insurance packages, increasing staff autonomy within the workplace, or putting employees on company boards to increase responsibility & accountability. 

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