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Put the equation equal to zero and group like terms. So, 



x= -5

Sorry another x was missed

So correct one is as follows




X= -5


Add numbers



3x=-20 (+ will be - when it shifts to right side)


X= -6.66

Put the equation equal to zero 

Put like terms together

Solve for x

Be conscious of the negative and positive sign as required.

4+6+x+5+x+2x+5 = 0

(4+6+5+5)+(x+x+2x) = 0

20+4x = 0

4x = -20, divide both sides by the highest common factor which is 4.

x = -5.

Hope this helps even though, I have seen same answers below. Good luck.

The equation can be rewritten as,

which is equal to 




Hence, x=5

U need to sum up all the numbers together that dono have x..


And, sum up all the digits having x..

Like, x+x+2x=4x

So, answer will be, x=20/4=5

Collect the like terms first: x/4+x+x+2x is x/4+4x which is x/4+16x/4= 17x/4. 6+5+5=16, hence the algebraic expression equals 17x/4 + 16


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