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Practice in front of the mirror; this will help you see yourself saying the words and you'll improve pronunciation. Practice with a member of your family or friends; they may have no idea what you're saying but just saying it aloud will make you feel more confident and not as afraid when you have to do it in front of the examiner!

In terms of the actual content, think about what you want to say; find some phrases using word reference, speaking to a native speaker (if you can!) and asking your teacher for some authentic french phrases. This will make you stand out. 

Finally, don't forget to include opinions, justify them, throw in some connectives, introduce another tense and some great vocab. 

Most importantly, be confident, be calm, practice with anyone who will listen (or just your own reflection) and include some opinion phrases. You'll do well i promise! 

I would strongly recommend practicing with a native speaker if possible.  If you can arrange an exchange with a native speaker so much the better.

If such an exchange would be too much for you at this point then I would recommend working with a specialist tutor who will push you to activate your French speaking.

Speak to yourself in french - to become really confident in the pronunciation and flow of each sentence or phrase. Ensure you have some stock phrases that you can use, for example 'In my opinion....' 'I think that ....' etc. Learn some phrases that help you to indicate whether you agree or disagree to something. If you say you like/dislike something, be prepared to be able to say why. Good luck!

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