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There is usually a suggestion to write in the form of an information leaflet as well, for example: "Come and visit … today!" then write informative information and other information about a place that would persuade a person to visit. Simile's and metaphors are a strongpoint for exercises like this. It is usually the list you have wrote you just choose the one you want to do.

Thanks for this feedback, Maddy

Hi Maddye, 

If at all possible, I would advise getting hold of some past papers (the more recent the better) and having a look at those. I would suggest that the forms you list: letter, article, report, or review may well be what to expect. The variation would of course be in the question - Who are you persuading? Why are you trying to persuade them? However, once you have the style, tone and language for persuasive writing nailed down, you will probably find it easy to adapt to whatever question they throw at you! I hope that helps? Please get in touch if you would like further assistance with this. Jane

Thank you, this is useful


I think that this would be a great help to you...

Go  into BBC Bitesize, GCSE English, Edexcel "Non - fiction and 

transactional writing"


It's a great resource,


Dear Maddye,

No this is not a definitive list!

The course specification states  " letters, articles, reviews, speeches etc.

2B  does  not just focus on "persuasive" writing.

It can also be "transactional" or "discursive".

I suggest that you go on the web and have a look at some past papers

in order to get a feel for the variety of questions which might be asked.

If you would like some help, then I would be happy to give you a lesson.


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