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Try to use the following areas to comment on MITSL - Meaning Imagery Tone Structure Language ,with a paragraph on each area. make a point about each aspect, support it with a quote , in other words the evidence to prove what you have said, and then explain what this suggests ie PEE.

i hope this helps

The next sentence should open up the story or subject of the poem and the next sentence or two should describe the poem in detail and one closing sentence

I am available for a private tutor session, For Poems Though it is always to begin with a sentence that sets up the whole poem

There should be several paragraphs, ideally one for each point of analysis you are making. Typically the structure of a paragraph should be as follows.

First, make your POINT. This should be some general statement about a feature of the poem - a certain thematic image, for example, or particular choice of words used. SO, perhaps: "Additionally, we can see that there is significant use of metal imagery throughout the poem." Or some such point like that.

Secondly, provide some EVIDENCE. This should be direct quotes from the poem or source material. "On line two of the second verse, for example, the 'iron grip' wraps coldly and firmly around the neck of the narrator, while later on line 4, he 'steels' himself to resist his attacker."

Thirdly, COMMENT on this. What could this feature of the poem mean? If you have an overall question to answer, then make sure that you can link your point to this question. So, say the question was something about what the poem says about how we ought to live, you might for this example write: "Again and again through the poem, this imagery of metal as a cold, unforgiving, brutal material appears, in contrast with the lightness, freedom and joy that the poet feels can be found in nature. A rejection, then, of what modern industry and Science brings to our lives."

Of course I've made all this up, but this is the structure you should be aiming for. Try to make each paragraph flow naturally, and ideally each paragraph should loosely link to the last one so that the whole essay links together smoothly as well. If you're feeling confident you can also vary the order of POINT, EVIDENCE, COMMENT - but all three should be included for each point you want to make.

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