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To put this in simple terms the research design looks at what you are going to do - it is a plan of how you are going to take the various components of the project and align them in a logical fashion to allow you to complete the project. 

Research methods are those methods that yuo will use to collect data. Business is not really my area - I am more health related, but the basic principles are the same. Different types of methods may include collecting primary data through questionnaires, focus groups, or interviews ( structured semi structured or unstructured). All of these have their pros and cons, and you could also include secondary research either as a literature review or maybe as meta-analysis. You always need to consider the ethical considerations of your methods, and whether you want to generate quantitative or qualitative data. 

From a scientific point of view, I would describe the difference as follows:

Research methods (or methodology) refers to specific protocols designed to help answer a predefined question. For example if you want to assess the level of a particular protein in a cell you might use western blot methodology to answer this question.

Research design is a more generalised term in my opinion. It encompasses actually picking the questions you want to ask and methods to answer the questions: often forming these questions is based on thorough prior research. Correct design of experiments tailored to the questions you want to ask is key to successful research.

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