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You also need to show that you recognise and understand the writer's use of technique in order to have the intended effect on the reader - eg dramatic irony, setting, language etc. The importance of the reader (or the audience) in a literary text is often underestimated.

In any assignment asking you to critique work, you should be concentrating on evaluating, comparing and contrasting the piece rather than simply describing it. As such, your revision would primarily be focused on the different arguments in favour and against the piece, how it originated and what influenced its writing and issues such as bias or inaccuracy in the work. If you feel you would benefit from any further support and would like to discuss the module in further detail, please feel free to get in touch.

It is important to practise your essay writing skills to make sure you are using Point, Evidence, Explanation (PEE) in a consistent way. The examiner needs to know you are in control of the points you are making. Don't forget to practise integrating your quotes (short quotes in the middle of a sentence). One word quotes can be effective. If you would like a revision workshop to help you prepare then contact me and I'll be happy to help.

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