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Most sentences in English take this form: Subject - Verb - Object (SVO for short). 

So, for example, in "Wilshere kicked the ball" - "Wilshere" is the subject, "kicked" the verb and "the ball" the object. English rarely deviates from this order (SVO) or else it quickly stops making sense ("Kicked Wilshere the ball" - not quite as clear who's doing what to whom is it...?)

It's also an example of a simple sentence because it only contains one clause. A complex sentence will contain at least two. For example, "Wilshere, his right leg bandaged, kicked the ball" contains the sub-clause 'his right leg bandaged', so making it a complex sentence.

Sentences, of course, will vary greatly in length, complexity and word order. But take these criteria as a template for just a few of the ways in which you might answer a question on sentence structure. 

The best way to understand sentence structure is to understand syntax, or the way words are strung together in a sentence, where the verbs and nouns, adjectives and adverbs go. Mostly, does it make sense and communicate meaning effectively. 'Jane, a beautiful woman, is going to the department store for some stylish clothing.', is a sentence that makes sense and conveys a clear meaning: Woman, beauty, moving toward and to, a large building that sells a variety of goods, purchasing clothes that conform to modern fashion standards. These words go by a generalized opinion and agreement of meaning and are arranged in an agreed-upon manner according to English language rules and common usage. So, the standards are: Does it make sense, is it logical, do you understand what it means.

I imagine that you will get lots of responses here but to be honest unless you are more specific nobody can really help you. If you start with what the questions are relating to? Say where they are from? Think about saying what you have done already?

Hope this helps?

Remember not to start with words such as 'because', and the first letter of the first word must be in upper case. 

That depends on what the questions are. Can you be more specific?

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