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Just simply we need to solve for x as











1) 8x -3x-10=34   ( we multiplied the minus with every term inside the bracket)

2) 8x-3x =10+34  ( we separated the terms ) 

3) 5x=24  ( we did the adding and substraction of the terms) 

4) x=24 /5 ( we divided with X coeficient )

so X= 24/5 


Hi donalana

In the above problem we use BODMAS to work it out. 

Now let's get started by writing the equestion. 


Now we start by opening the brackets 


-3x-10   ... the sign change because we multiple the numbers in the bracket by - 1

Now we combine the math again 8x-3x -10 =34

We but like terms together fast before going into the next step of BODMAS 

8x-3x =34+10....now - 10 has changed the sign because we closed it to the other side of the equal sigh and became +10

8x-3x =5x


5x=44....we divide both sides by 5 to get the value of x



There you got it as simple as that! 

Hello donalana,


For the problem above, you BODMAS as we collect the like terms.

We start off by opening up the brackets.


collecting like terms


Simplifying each side

5x =44

x=44/5 = 8.8

8x - (3x+10)=34

=> 8x -3x -10  = 34

=> 5x = 44

=> x= 44/5

The minus symbol applies to everything inside of the brackets so to make the equation look easier to simplify:

8x - 3x -+ 10 = 34;

+- = -;

8x -3x -10 =34;

5x - 10 = 34;

(+10) 5x - 10 = 34 (+10)

5x = 44:

(/5) 5x = 44 (/5)

x= 44/5 

You can do whatever you want when you apply functions (e.g. squaring or timesing by a number) to both sides. In this case I added 10 to both side to get the 5x on its own. Then to get x on its own, I then divided both sides by the 5. 

Hi there donalana!

Algebraic questions at your stage can be simplified if one remembers BMDAS!

I like to remember it as Bad Moms Dont Act Silly!

The initials of this mnemonic rule give you the operations and their order in which to execute them. This means the order of operations is:

Brackets, multiply, divide, add, substract.

Remember the order of them with BMDAS

Knowing this we can breeze through the problem as follows

  1. Brackets

Multiply out the negative sign outside the bracket and you will get:


remember to multiply all the terms inside the bracket by -1! This includes the term '10'.

  2. Multiply

All the terms are multiplied!

3. Divide

There is nothing to divide at this stage!

4. Add

Nothing to do here!

5. Substract

8x-3x =5x

Therefore we are left with 

5x -10 = 34

Let's pass the '-10' term to the other side by adding ten to the RHS

5x = 44

Divide by 5 both sides and we get...

x=44/5 OR x=8.8

I hope this helped! :) 

Remember: Always deal with brackets first.

When there is a negative just outside the brackets, it is the same as it being negative 1. So:

8x -1(3x+10) = 34

To get rid of the brackets, multiply -1 x 3 and -1 by 10. That gives:

8x - 3x - 10 = 34

Get the x's on one side and the numbers on the other. The x's are already conveniently on the same side. However, you need to move the 10 to the right side, so change the sign from negative to positive:

8x - 3x = 34 + 10

Subtract on left and add on right:

5x = 44

You want x alone, without the 5. 5x just means 5 times x. To get rid of multiplication, you need to divide. Divide both sides by 5. 

5x ÷ 5 = 44 ÷ 5

That will erase the 5 from the left side. On the right side, another way to write 44 ÷ 5 is as the fraction 44 over 5. They mean the same thing. So:

x = 44/5

That is the fraction 44 over 5. Can we simplify it? Not really, since you can't divide an even number like 44 by 5. So, the answer you have is complete. 

P.S. You only need to write it as a decimal if the question asks you to (for example, to give your answer to 1 decimal point).

If 8x -(3x + 10) = 34

Step 1: Collect like terms:  8x - (3x + 10) = 5x - 10

Step 2: 5x - 10 = 34

Step 3:   Add 10 to both sides. 5x = 44

Step 4:  Divide both sides by 5 so x = 44/5 = 8.8

Exam tip:  you can check the answer by substituting your 'x' value back into the equation to achieve a value of "34".  This is useful in exams to do a quick check! 

1. multiply out the brackets 8x - 3x-10 =34

2. gather the x values   5x - 10 = 34

3. gather the whole numbers on oneside and x values on the other side  5x = 34+10

4. so therefore 5x =44

5. x= 44/5 OR x= 8.8

The - gets multiplied inside so it becomes  8x-3x-10=34.now taking x terms 5x-10=34...taking all the numerical to one side....5x=34+10.....5x=44.....to find the value of x...the 5 should be taken to other side where it gets divided....x=44/5

The - in front the brackets affect every term inside:


Now you can proceed as usual, add 10 in each side to isolate the terms with x



Divide by 5 on each side



so u want to find x in ur question 


getting x terms to a side and numbers to one side





or u can do it as adding -10 on both sides



divide with 5 on  both sides




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