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Joey and Christopher have sorted question 13 but I hope this helps for 11. 

I'd like to help with the other question too but I'll confess I don't fully understand it. Does the text refer to a diagram we can't see?

Joey has done an excellent diagram.. and has dome most of the thinking here I'd like to suggest a couple of changes to his answers

A minor thing - I'll confess here I didn't work through with surds,  just used my calculator to find SQRT(100^2 + 40^2) = which for me is 108m is we are rounding to the nearest metre.

For the angle, we have a misreading of the diagram - Yes its Tan^-1[Dist 3 to 4 / Distance 1 to 3]   - but the latter has been misread from the diagram as 60m when it is 100m - looks like an easy mistake to 

So Tan-1(2/5) is the answer........  21.8 deg

Q13. distance is 107 m       

           angle is,  tan(i)=2/3

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