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padre (father), madre (mother), hermano (brother), hermana (sister), primo (cousin male) , prima (cousin female), abuelo (grandfather), abuela (grandmother)  :)

familiares - relatives

yerno is the correct spelling of son-in-law


bisabuelo/bisabulea - grandfather/grandmother

esposo/esposa - husband/wife


jerno/nuera -son-in-law/daughter in law

suegro/suegra -father-in-law/mother-in-law

esposo/esposa-husband/wife or marido/mujer- husband/wife

cuῆado/cuῆada -brother in law/sister in law

novio/novia -boyfriend/girlfriend

primo/a - cousin (male/ female0

sobrino/a - niece/ nephew

abuelo/a - grandfather, grandmother

tio/tia - uncle/aunt

hermano/a - brother/ sister

padre- father

madre - mother

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