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Three major economics problem is :

1)what to produced.

2)How to produced

3)Whom to produced 

The Economic problem is the basis for the existence of the field of economics. It refers to the fact that humans, due to their nature always want more (infinite wants). However, the world we occupy only has limited/finite resources to fulfil these wants. This leads to an issue where the means to fulfil wants are scarce, so an person, company or country needs to choose which wants to fulfil with their scarce resources.

What to produce, how to produce and whom to produce it for.

Economy problem is that to satisfy the needs of human being  by finding out what to produce, for whom to  produce and how to produce 

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This refers to the problem that we have unlimited wants but only a finite (limited) amount pf resources. It is heavily linked to the topics of opportunity cost, production possibility frontier and scarcity.

fulfilling unlimited wants and needs with finite resources.

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