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Hi Annie, thank you for reply, yes I am only  looking at the UK

HI. Are you looking at a specific country?

I could discuss the topic with you to help you come up with an essay plan.



Hi jenny.w - Thank you  this is good advice.. its a 3000 literature review looking at  the impact of juvinile record on young male adults who now over the age of 18 are no longer committing crime. So far i came up with 4 sub titles

Juvinile male delinquency: was going to talk about history/why juviniles comitt crime and stop at a certain age =dissitence from crime/ measure of crime

Youth punishment and rehabilitation

Stigmitation of record

Is this a good contruct answering the research question

Hi Sweetchoco

Depending on the word limit for the essay there are a number of ways you could look at this essay.  Here's some pointers:

- Intro: include some stats on juvenile convictions, are there any themes that come thru?
- What does the research say?  you could split this up into sections, so look at research that says juvenile convictions means young males engage in more criminal activity, anti social behaviour etc.  Could contrast this with research that says young males are not always defined by their criminal conviction as juveniles
- you may want to briefly look at young females - are they affected differently?  Focus on males, but this may give you a way to show how young males are unique 
- Again, the word count will dictate how much you go into this.  Could look at other factors - what else makes a difference to young adult males?  If you're looking at adult criminality, is growing up in poverty more of an issue?  Or the influence of peer groups?

Hopefully that will get you started, feel free to ask more questions as your answer develops and you pick the specific areas you focus on.  

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