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This invokes feelings of sadness in the reader.

consider this, this brings about the emotion of.... in the reader.

This further elucidates (disconsolate,sad,melancholic) emotions to the reader

This connotes a sense of (melancholy sorrowful) feelings for the reader

this results in the reader experiencing...

This creates a sad atmosphere

This moves the reader

The reader is compelled...

The reader is therefore made to feel sad

This generates a sadness in the reader

This causes a sadness in the reader 


You could say that:

The writer is trying to infer that...

The reader deduces from this that...

The use of the (metaphor/repetition/syntax etc.) demonstrates/ establishes/ highlights/ reinforces that...

It is also a good idea to consider the various interpretations of different readers, as they will differ depending on their social and historical context. As such, you could say:

A female reader in the 19th Century may respond to this by feeling...

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You could write, "This creates a feeling of sadness in the reader",  "The extract induces sadness in the reader", or "The reader experiences a feeling of sadness during this extract". 

This causes the reader to feel sad

It gives the reader sense of disappointing .

"This is induces effect x on the reader"

"This causes the reader to..."

"This provokes the reader to believe/think/feel..."

"This induces a positive effect on the reader"

"This provokes the reader to feel..."

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giving the reader, leads the reader (all could imply makes the reader feel) 

Hi bellam! You could say "The reader feels sad as a result" "The effect on the reader is one of sorrow". Hope this helps!

Instead of writing 'this makes the reader' you can write 'this lets the reader'

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