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McDonalds is the golden arches, Sainsbury's is just written in lovely handwriting.

They both use bold colours in order to attract your attention. Macdonalds' logo centers around the colours red and yellow which are both very bold yet basic colours. These will catch customers eyes and draw them into the product. 
The sainsburys logo focuses around the colour orange which is also bright and bold to attract attention.

They both use lower case font. The M in macdonalds is typically lower case and this suggests a soft and calm approach. Connotations of this would suggest a friendly service. The sainsburys logo is completely lowercase which also suggests friendly service and welcoming atmosphere as lowercase letters are much less harsh than capital letters. 

Macdonalds has a logo which contains just one letter and because of this it has become a well known global symbol. There is also the im lovin' it slogan below it. 
Sainsbury's logo on the other hand is just the name of the superstore. There is also no slogan. 

what is the difference and similarities between Sainsbury's and Mcdonald logo

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