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Ratio 12 to 23, also written as 12:23 means 12/23 ie 12 divided by 23.

The answer can be expressed in decimal form as 0.5217 (4 decimal places)

12:23 cannot be simplified anymore


  1. 12 to 23
  2. 12:23        Divide both sides by 12
  3. 1:(23/12)
  4. 1:1.92

this answer is 12:23. Cannot really be simplified

As a whole number ratio, it cannot be simplified any further. It is simply 12:23

As a whole number ratio 12:23 is as simple as it gets.

As a fraction 12/23 and as a decimal 0.521(3.d.p) though it can be expressed as a recurring, it's just very long!

Is there more to the question?

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