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The story unfolds through the use of third person voice. The narrator has no involvement in the story, but posits itself as Mitty's eyes and ears, as the reader experiences the story through the filter of Mitty's interpretations of people and situations.

This is told by a third-person narrative who is not involved, limited by walter Mitty.  

It is a Third person, limited, omniscient narrative :) 

The type of narration used is an un-involved third person with a limited perspective - in this case the perspective of Walter Mitty. The narration could also be considered biased in that it seeks to present Walter Mitty in an exclusively positive way.

This is a third-person narration - more specifically, the narrator is what is known as 'limited omniscient'. This means the story is told in the third person, but only from Walter's point of view in a way that puts us (the reader) on his side because the chosen language 'supports' Walter - as in, it makes him seem like "the good guy" in all situations.

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