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Democracy takes many forms but in general, all these forms do surrender power to a selected few either its the parliament or the head of state as in a presidential democracy. Rarely does direct democracy takes place, however this may happen only during national processes like referundums or elections where the system of a first past the post is in play like in most African countries like Zimbabwe. As one can notice that democracy as we know it is the surrendering of some of our rights and liberties to a group of individuals, this therefore creates a system whereby these selected individuals or representatives (more technical term) can abuse the power bestowed upon them and work against the wishe sof the masses who would in the firt place have given them that power. In this sense, one can relate to democracy being labelled a broken system.

Democracy also does create some gaps and loops, this mostly being witnessed through the suppression of minority groups from being heard. In a first past the post system, a large majority ethnic group or any other in that case may proceed to endorse one candidate they view as best in their eyes though that very same candidate may be the worst choice for the other group in this case a minority which would suffer due to their lack of numbers.

Alternatively, the much preferred proportional representation system has been blasted for imposing representatives who do not have the people's concerns at heart with their opponents citing the fact that they are not elected but just imposed onto a constituency.

This therefore demonstrates the multifaceted nature of how democracy is viewed and how it does possess elements that render it broken. 

Democracy allows few people elected by majority to make decisions for them, this system doesn't take into account wisdom of crowds and their needs on a daily basis. For democracy to be truly representative of the majority, a system that allows the crowd to deliberate together and decide the best for themselves should be developed.

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