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Thank-you, Michelle - yes being able to picture the events of the poem in a specific context certainly helps.

I enjoyed studying War poetry more so than Love because it was easier to understand and link to a solid context. But for all of the poems I put together posters, read them lots to try and memorise what each one was about so I was prepared for any in the exam.

 I think studying poetry in bulk was made more enjoyable and easier by separating them into groups with similarities. E.g. these 5 share the theme of unrequited love, the next 3 are about loss etc. 

Thanks, Florence. It is always great to see a scientist who loves poetry - because the two are after all not incompatible at all.

Poetry is so many things... having an approach certainly helps for exam purposes.

Well, I am a geologist but I love poetry to date. Students find poetry difficult or rather not interesting since there are just too many poems in each cluster! There are two clusters; 

  • Love and relationships
  • Power and conflict

Students should study all 15 poems in their chosen cluster and be prepared to write about any of them in the examination.

My take is, it is easy to study and excel in poetry since there is an easy approach: " Understanding the Persona, context, and language" language include so many things but there are 10 important ones that are always examined no matter if you have never read the poem.  ....let me stop, I think I would continue forever. 

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